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требования импорта

контактАгумесчисло 12.11.2019
спрослекарственное средство — инъекционный инсулинстранаАфганистан
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контактАлехандра Дидесчисло 04.11.2019
спросДеревянные дверистранаИталия
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Good afternoon,
We need to import a large quantities of wooden doors, I would appreciate sending photos with CIF prices
Thank you
спросПолиэфирная пряжа 16/1 и 12/1странаТурция
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selam, 16/1 ve 12/1 polyester pamuk iplikler almak istiyorum, fiyat teklifleri gönderin lütfen. 16/1 polyester iplik atkı için olacak, 12/1 polyester iplik havlu imlatında kullanılacak.
спросНас интересуют свежие фрукты, овощи и мясо цыплят и яйца. — цитрусовые, апельсины, манго, яблоки, лимоны, косточковые фрукты и многие другиестранаСултанат Оман
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Greetings from Oman
I am from Muscat Oman.
We are, one of the big company in Muscat Oman we import from other Countries. — China, Australia, Italy, Spain, Europe, Ocarina, France, Turkey, India, Holland. — We interest fresh fruits vegetables and chickens meats and eggs. — Citrus fruits, oranges mangoes, apples, lemons, stone fruits and many others.
We are very much interested to have a good business relationship with you by providing us quality products.
We will be importing goods from you for long terms.
Kindly give us a chance to have good trade relationship for long terms. — Waiting for your soonest response.
Regards: Abdullah
контактМохамед Хамданчисло 19.10.2019
спросбашни связистранаИордания
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Dear Sir/ Madam
Please find attached a briefing about the manufacturing, supply and installation job for 2 communication towers (45 and 60m) height.
You are kindly requested to do the following:
1- Confirm your interest in this Tender by 20.10.2019
2- Should you confirm your interest, kindly arrange for the following by 27.10.2019:
a- Your profile and prequalification documents
b- Your Technical offer including preliminary drawings (Architectural – structural- electromechanical) , method statement of erection, compliance sheet with all relevant codes and standards
c- Your commercial offer and payment mode
d- The Associated durations: ( Engineering – Manufacturing – Shipment and delivery – Erection and completion)
e- Estimated sizing of the concrete foundation (L-W-D) and reinforcement details
f- Furnish any other requirement that include but not limited to ( Crainage sizing – manpower requirement – electro mechanical requirements- etc)
( Ps. Further documents may be furnished upon your confirmation of interest). Best regards Mohamed Hamdan — General Manager
контактМуратчисло 12.10.2019
спроскольцо 16/1 и 20/1 из 100% хлопковой пряжистрана Турция
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Merhaba, biz ticaretle uğraşıyoruz sürekli alımlarımız oluyor, uygun fiyatlı tedarikçilere ihtiyaç var ring 16/1 ve 20/1 %100 pamuk iplikleri almak istiyorum, eğer fiyatlar uygun olursa 10 tır alırım, teşekkürler
контактАзамат Алимовиччисло 12.10.2019
спроскресло для зрительного зала количество 500странаКиргизстан
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Добрый день
Можно узнать цены по нашим параметрам для университета?
цену и сроки изготовления.
500 штук
контактАльберт КРИКчисло 07.10.2019
спросЗамороженное мясо, пшеничная мука, растительное масло и печенье.страна Togo
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Dear Sir,
We are import-export company in Togo. Through this mail we want you to help us to find suppliers in Ukraine and other countries for:
Chemicals products like: caustic soda pearls 99%, calcium carbide 50/80, engine oil SAE 50, hydrochloric acid 33-35% and Ethanol
foods like: Frozen meats, wheat flour for bread,cooking oil and biscuits.
We are not perfect in english but we try.
Best regards
Mr KRIKOU Albert
Managing Director
контактШирван Камальчисло 26.09.2019
спрос900 оцинкованных болтов с гайкойстранаИрак
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Kindly we need 900 hdg bolt per attached dimention, need your best price.
Best Regards
контактДжавадчисло 19.09.2019
спросЗапрос цен — Количество 124 Лабораторные стенды в процессе реализации проекта KSAстранаСаудовская Аравия
статусожидается поставщикистечение 24.11.2019
Dear Sir,
Greeting from KSA .
Please find attached BOQ and drawings for your immediate pricing to provide us your Quotation for the 124 Unit of Laboratory Benches for one of our ongoing Project KSA .
Waiting your Quotation as soon as possible .
Thank you for your cooperation .