City: Ashgabat

Sector : General Trading – import and export

Contact Number:  Mr. RECEP ERDEM  +90 552 612 00 34  (whatsapp – viber – telegram – imo – line ) 

Foundation:  2011

Explanation :

Wholesaler of cotton denim fabric direct from cotton fabric manufacturers and cotton yarn manufacturers

ERDEM TASLAMA is a trading supplier cotton yarn and cotton fabric and working directly with cotton yarn manufacturers in Turkmenistan, our company is working with local yarn manufactuers and cotton fabric manufacturers. we export raw fabric and raw yarns to Turkey and Europe countires. Recently, textile manufacturers in Turkmenistan have increased the production of cotton yarns and raw fabrics per day. We also supply other products are as follows ring cotton yarn, open end cotton yarn, polyester cotton yarn – raw fabrics, flannel fabric, creton fabric, any color cotton denim fabric and some other products.

We are one of cotton yarn manufacturers and cotton yarn suppliers for many companies and cotton yarn cones general features and sorts

100% cotton open end yarn

carded ring 100% cotton yarn

polyester cotton yarn

All numbers between 6/1 and 20/1 are available, available in the desired quantity, the order must be at least one truck.

We are one of polyester yarn manufacturers and polyester yarn suppliers for many companies and spun polyester yarn general features and sorts

50% cotton + 50% polyester yarn all numbers are available, can be supplied in desired quantity, order must be at least one truck.

We are one of raw cotton fabric manufacturers and raw cotton fabric suppliers for many companies and 100 cotton fabric general features and sorts

Flannel fabric

Creton fabric

Available in the desired width dimensions, the order must be at least one truck.

We are one of cotton denim fabric manufacturers and denim fabric suppliers for many companies and cotton denim fabric general features and sorts

Available in different colors from 10 to 15 ounces in 160 cm width in the desired quantity, the order must be at least one truck.


Cotton yarns and cotton fabrics and cotton denim general conditions

All products have CE certificates – have all quality certificates – meet international standards

cotton fabric wholesale

cotton yarn wholesale

denim fabric wholesale

We can supply large quantities of cotton yarns, mainly we have wholesale cotton yarn, denim fabric and wholesale cotton fabric in stock.

Note: we are working with local yarn manufacturers and fabric manufacturers in Turkmenistan

Some of certificates :  iso 9001 – 10002 – 22716 – OHSAS :18001

We are working with companies below in TURKMENISTAN

denim fabric manufacturers, cotton fabric manufacturers, polyester yarn manufacturers

combed cotton yarn manufacturers, open end yarn manufacturers, ring spun yarn manufacturers, denim jeans manufacturers, denim manufacturers

You can fill out the form to get information about stock status and current prices and place an order or write a message on   +90 552 612 00 34 (whatsapp – viber – telegram – imo – line )

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